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History and Significance

Believe it or not, the practice of exchanging wedding bands during the wedding ceremony is a tradition that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, when rings were simply made of reeds and bone. When the medieval and renaissance eras came into being, craftsmen began the art of making wedding bands from precious metals and embedding gemstones in them for a better look. However, due to the sanctions placed by the Church on extravagant wedding rings, they steadily became the simple brands that we all know and love today.

Even back then, rings are an important part of weddings and this is because they are meant to symbolize the eternal bond and love between two people. After all, a circle has no beginning or end and as such, it became the perfect representation of how love should be.

Couple Wedding Band Designs and Preferences in Singapore

Of course, in any other part of the world, there’s nothing wrong with using plain and simple couple wedding bands for your wedding ceremony. But here in Singapore, couple wedding bands with a bit more flair in their designs are the preference of many engaged couples in the country. For instance, there are those who prefer couple wedding bands that are made of two different metals such as rose and white gold. This is thanks to the enhanced look that mixing two metals can give to a wedding ring. Some, on the other hand, also prefer rings whose designs are more intricate (such as those with rope-like or knotty details) and inlaid with a single diamond or gemstone in the middle of the band. By having these rings, couples have a wedding band that’s more to their style and one that they’ll love for the rest of their days.

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