know your diamonds

History of Diamonds

Diamond is more than just an aesthetic, expensive gift, it is an enduring symbol of commitment, romance and love.

Derived from the Greek word, 'Adamas' which means 'Unconquerable'. Commercially used in the 20th century as the only choice of engagement rings. it is also well known as a fitting epitome of resilience and longevity of marriage for its rarity, strength and beauty.

For your spouse or yourself, diamonds are for everyone.

Overview of Quality

Since all diamonds are unique, not all of them are valued highly. Before buying a diamond, one needs the education to understand the worthiness of diamonds.

There are four most important criteria when purchasing a diamond, commonly known as the 4Cs by the experts worldwide. A diamond's cut, colour, clarity and carat play the most important role in determining its value.


A diamond's cut affects the beauty and price of a diamond. Cut is the most crucial of the 4Cs as it plays a significant role in a diamond's sparkle.

A well-cut diamond would appear luminous and reflects white and coloured light back to one's eyes, whereas a poorly cut diamond is dull.


The second most important of the 4Cs falls on the colour of a diamond. The less colour it has, the greater its value. Diamonds come in all colours of the spectrum and graded from the scale of D to Z which is divided into five broad categories (colourless, near colourless, faint, very light, light).

When deciding to buy a diamond, stone with the most natural colour (colourless) is often the most preferred.


Clarity of a diamond is the term that is often used to measure 'inclusions' or small blemishes, often seen within a diamond at ten times magnification and not visible to the naked eye.

The less imperfection it has, the higher the grade is.


Last but not the least, carat is the least important factor when evaluating a diamond.

Often misunderstood for its term, carat actually refers to the diamond's total weight and not the size of it.

A larger carat weight is never better than a smaller carat weight as carat and sparkle of a diamond is non-relative.