know your fine jewellery

Fine Jewellery: A Statement of Beauty

Finely crafted jewellery, glistening with gemstones, have signalled elegance, class, and style among both women and men for millennia, and giving them as gifts has been a powerful sign of affection and esteem. Unlike fashion jewellery, fine jewellery uses only the best and finest of materials, and is meant to be worn mainly on special occasions, or kept as an asset.

Types of Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery comes in many shapes and forms, with the most common types ranging from necklaces and bracelets, to earrings and rings.


Necklaces and pendants are a common form of fine jewellery, meant to be worn on the neck. The most common form of necklace is a pendant suspended on a chain, with the pendant usually carrying a special design and often even gemstones such as diamonds. In some necklaces, the chain itself may be ornamented.


As they are worn on the wrist, bracelets are very visible from day to day, and tend to be more ornamented than necklaces. As such visible items, bracelets tend to be more ornamented, often with genstones and designs along the entire length of the chain.


Beautiful earrings can frame the face and accentuate eyes and other prominent features of attraction. As such, a fine pair of earrings are more than just a fashion accessory—they become a statement of beauty.


Rings are not just worn for weddings and engagements—they are also personal accessories that can be worn to accentuate one’s look. The right rings and designs also convey a sense of elegance and class together with a burst of colour depending on the chosen gemstones mounted in the ring.