December 09, 2021

Ideally, weddings are a memorable occasion that happens only once in our lives. As such, no one will be able to fault you if you want to go all out as much as possible when it comes to your wedding planning. From the food to the flowers, from the dresses to the wedding bands, you are well within your rights to go for gold when planning your dream wedding. And when it comes to dream weddings, it doesn’t get any dreamier than going from the comfort zone that is your hometown and having a destination wedding in a different part of the globe.

In this article, the expert jewellers of Vella Diamonds list the seven best places in the world to hold your dream wedding in.

  1. Tuscany, Italy – Known for pizza, pasta, wine, vineyards, and picturesque countryside villas, Italy is often seen as one of the best places around the world to visit And amongst Italy’s many, many regions and cities, Tuscany is said to be one of the best places to tie the knot in thanks to the intimate and romantic feel that the place just gives off. With many resorts and private villas at your disposal, there’s no doubt that a Tuscan wedding will be as memorable and beautiful as you hope it will be.
  1. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – If you’re looking to go eastward for your wedding, you’re spoilt for choice amongst the beautiful countries that you’ll find in the area. However, while there are plenty of romantic places in the Eastern Hemisphere that you can exchange wedding vows and wedding bands in, almost none of them can hold a candle to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Located in the heart of Singapore, if you’re looking to have as many flowers as you possibly can for your special day and treat your guests to a magnificent view of the South China Sea during the reception, then this is the perfect place to book.
  1. Santorini, Greece – When looking for classic places to exchange wedding bands in, it doesn’t get any more classic than setting your wedding in Santorini, Greece. With whitewashed homes, breathtaking cliffs, and a beautiful view of the ocean, booking a wedding in Santorini is no doubt the perfect place to go to if you want your seaside wedding fantasies to come to fruition.
  1. Fiji – On the other hand, if the beautiful island of Santorini isn’t your cup of tea but you and your partner are still longing to make your beach wedding dreams come true, don’t hesitate to consider getting married in Fiji. An archipelago, Fiji is made up of 3000 islands that are suited to hold weddings, meaning you’re spoilt for choice on a venue if you decide to get married there. Truly a dream wedding destination that the two of you will love.
  1. Provincial France – Want something a bit more picturesque and fairy tale-like for your special day? Then don’t hesitate to exchange wedding bands and wedding vows with your most special person in Provincial France. Similar to Fiji, Provincial Frances is made up of plenty of places such as Burgundy, Provence, Avignon, and Bordeaux, allowing you to have a range of options of venues for your wedding day. If elegance and style is what you want in your wedding venue, then this is no doubt the place for you.
  1. Spain – When it comes to unique wedding destinations, wedding planners say that Spain is one of the best places to hold your nuptials in. Once more, if you decide to hold your wedding here, you’ll have a wide range of options when it comes to venues and each are accompanied by their own theme and aesthetic. For instance, if you’re looking for a place that is more modern and surreal, then the city of Barcelona is your best bet. If you’re looking for something reminiscent of fairy tales, meanwhile, then the beautiful and Moorish-styled cities of Granada and Malaga are the places to hold your wedding in. Regardless of which venue you choose, a wedding in Spain is sure to give your special day a magnificent and regal note.
  1. Portugal – Looking to really go all out with your fairy tale wedding but Spain isn’t just cutting it at the moment? Then why not go to its next door neighbor in the Iberian Peninsula and hold your wedding in Portugal? With fairytale castles that exude timeless charm, hidden beaches that create intimate settings, and world-class seafood at its disposal, Portugal is no doubt one of the best places to set your dream wedding in.

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